Oct 22

Many people believe that food supplements are bad for your health and they believe it just because they heard it somewhere or read about it in a magazine. Most of them confuse steroids for food supplements, and these two have absolutely nothing in common. Others hear the words anabolic action and are ready to call the police. Why? Is that bad or illegal? All that drama over something they overheard. What does anabolic activity actually mean? Anabolism should be familiar to all of us from our days in school. This process combines all reactions associated with the synthesis of all important substances, in other words – it is a process of growth. Catabolism is the reverse process – the process of decomposition of substances. But nobody is scared of that? Maybe the problem comes from a very popular phrase – anabolic steroids. The scary word in that phrase is steroids, not anabolic.

In fact, nutritional supplements have absolutely nothing in common with steroids and have no bad effects on your body. They are sold in different shops and pharmacies without prescription, aren’t they? There can be a problem only when you take more than necessary and do it repeatedly. Nothing that is overdosed can be good.  Food supplements will not harm you but on the contrary – they can help your body recover and get all the vitamins, minerals and other substances that it needs after a long and tiring workout for example.

food supplements

Supplements are commonly divided into several categories:

Products that help you gain muscle mass: These are products that are most commonly preferred by men. What they do is that they help your organism to absorb the food better and then turn it into muscle. There products will give you results really fast, especially when your goal is to gain lean muscle mass.

Products that help you get rid of that extra body body fat: These products are used by men and the majority of women who want to have a slim and beautiful figure. These supplements have ingredients that accelerate the metabolism and turn fat into energy.

Products that help you stay healthy: These are all the multivitamins, minerals, bone healing products, etc. We all know that  both sexes better use these products as well as people who have had some kind of trauma recently.

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